Fuerzabruta – wow!

GetAttachmentThis show has to be seen to be believed! And it really has to be seen because it is jaw droppingly brilliant.

And literally so. I had my mouth wide open pretty much throughout the 80 minute duration of Fuerzabruta, marveling at what was going on in front and mostly above me and waiting with excited nervousness for what the hell was going to happen next. And I had seen it before six years ago.

But what is it? Well that isn’t so easy to answer because it is almost indescribable. Visually stunning is what it is. Mind blowing is what it is. But it really defies any sort of genre categorisation.

The prosaic facts are that it is on at the Roundhouse in Camden and is an Argentinean “post modern theatre show” (as wikipedia describes it).

What this apparently means is a raucous, loud, intense, in your face, part circus, part modern dance, part techno rave, with incredible stunts performed on all manner of stage craft, all over the theatre’s space.

There is a man running on a conveyor belt through walls while being shot at, there are ballet dancers running around the walls of the theatre Spiderman like, there is a kind of fantastical battle between a man on a woman on a huge disc thing spinning above the audience’s heads, there are huge tanks of water lowered from the ceiling with mermaid like women dancing in them, there are people crawling on a huge see-through plastic sheet that has been inflated above the audience, there are people flying down through this and pulling audience members up from the floor.

And all this is done to a thumping soundtrack, with a lot of live primal drumming, screaming and shouting, strobe lighting, wild dancing and things being smashed.Performers+from+Fuerza+Bruta

It is exhausting just to watch it! God knows how the relatively few performers manage to get through all this but their enthusiasm, along with the intensity and sheer wonder of it all, is incredibly infectious.

And the audience are left no choice but to participate in it all, having to move around as the sets change position and literally invade the space the crowd were once standing in. The water tanks descend so low that hands rise from the crowd to literally touch the membrane the dancers are sliding and crashing about on. The climatic scene relies on the audience to move the set across their heads.

And believe me, I am no fan of dancing, especially to this type of music, but it is hard not to such is the exuberant joy of it all.

And that I think is what it is all about. There is no discernible plot or meaning to any of it. But who cares, because it is so much fun. In fact the performers seem to have more fun than the audience. But who can blame them. I wanna do what they do! Though how do they do it!

The show perhaps does not have quite the same sense of astonishment on a second viewing and it feels like it has been padded out a bit unnecessarily. But I still loved it.

Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse in LondonIt is also not for everyone. There were some young kids and elderly people in the audience and why the hell not, but you gotta be prepared for a club-like experience regarding the music, lights and volume. You also gotta be reasonably open-minded, as this is like nothing you have seen before.

But even if that isn’t you, and even if you hate the show, as I said, it has to be seen to be believed.

So go buy tickets now. It is on for another two weeks and there are a handful of tickets left. If you hate it, you’ll have had an experience unlike any other. And most people are gonna love it.

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